Heartbeat Labs is a consulting firm with a strong vision for inspiring and shaping today’s workforce. What if you woke up every day excited to go to work, spent your day doing meaningful work that you love and returned home fulfilled?

That’s how EVERY employee should feel! We use an inside-out approach to sculpt, shape and streamline every layer of your organization.

We are #customerFOCUSED and #employeeOBSESSED. Because, after all…happiness is an inside job!

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You want a culture where employees are EXCITED to come to work. When we ask employees to delight customers, we are asking them to care about strangers. Employees are far from strangers, YET employers aren’t consistently delighting them. Maybe your organization wants more:

  • Hiring precision to get the right candidates in the right roles
  • Onboarding techniques that jazz and engage employees
  • Learning and development tactics that stick and improve performance
  • Effective coaching and accountability to sustain long-term success
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We help clients chart a path to growth and success through a combination of understanding growth’s underlying drivers in their industry and from strategies that have worked for others.

Customer Experience Strategy

Identify your biggest pains, overcome difficult barriers and achieve extraordinary business growth.

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Selection & Hiring Practices

Your front-line IS your brand…are you hiring the right ones? Stop rolling the dice on new hires and find your perfect fit!

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Employee Development

Define high performance for every role to build your organization and train your team on what drives performance.

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of employees are DISENGAGED and most don’t feel excited about their everyday work.

My Perfect Fit

Hire with confidence! My Perfect Fit is an AI driven DiSC and behavioral interviewing process to evaluate your candidates natural strengths, aptitude and workplace preferences. The result? Talent that is the PERFECT FIT for the phone.

Design an “Opt In” Culture

Your brand is only as good as your employees and customers feel about it. We build strategies that move your brand forward. And we do so by defining your culture and using it to connect employees and customers to your brand.

Employee Experience

How your employees behave is more important than what your company says. Workplace culture is where your brand values shine. We help you design an employee experience that excites, fulfills, and drives employees.

Customer Experience

Every organization, every industry needs to go from a transactional relationship to an emotional one with the customer. Customers expect companies to know their individual needs and personalize their experiences. We help you connect with your customers in new, transformational ways.

Begin building a culture where employees
are EXCITED to come to work!

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Client Love

Holly is without a doubt a 'first class' professional who knows the business well, I just completed an interview process with 5 different companies for a caller experience program and Holly was FAR ABOVE the competition, it was an easy decision who I wanted to do business with. Holly stands apart from the field, she is professional and very talented. Holly is in touch with today's business needs and has the answers and data to support the right direction for our needs for today and the future! My opinion is Holly is a hard worker and an honest person who delivers results.- Nissan