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We are #customerFOCUSED and #employeeOBSESSED!
Heartbeat labs is a consulting firm with a strong vision for inspiring and shaping today’s workforce. What if you woke up every day EXCITED to go to work, spent your day doing MEANINGFUL work that you LOVE and returned home fulfilled?



We help clients chart a path to growth and success through a combination of understanding growth’s underlying drivers in their industry and from strategies that have worked for others.

Rather than driving a “speed up and change” culture, Heartbeat Labs helps you create a “people first” culture. Because pushing isn’t the answer…READINESS is.

70% of organizational change programs fail to achieve their goals because most organizations aren’t set up for agile change.

Our Expertise

Championed by Holly Markel, Heartbeat Labs brings years of “boots on the ground” experience to your organization. Holly is certified in Customer Experience Management (CEM), CX Strategy and Design, and is a veteran trainer for front-line to executive level employees. She’s been featured on ABC News Nightline, contributed to the Airport Revenue News (ARN) publication, presented for SHRM, ARN, the Tech Council of Maryland, and several local networking groups and events.

What our clients say

Holly is without a doubt a 'first class' professional who knows the business well, I just completed an interview process with 5 different companies for a caller experience program and Holly was FAR ABOVE the competition, it was an easy decision who I wanted to do business with. Holly stands apart from the field, she is professional and very talented. Holly is in touch with today's business needs and has the answers and data to support the right direction for our needs for today and the future! My opinion is Holly is a hard worker and an honest person who delivers results.- Nissan

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